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  1. Abbott Molecular, Inc., FSN-FA-AM-OCT2022-282, Alinity m System

    This letter contains important information regarding your Alinity m System; Specifically, the current software installed on your ...

    Waarschuwing | 15-11-2022

  2. Advance Medical Designs Inc, FSN-22.006, Needle Guides and Grids

    This letter is meant to serve as notification to your company making you aware of a voluntary recall being conducted by Advance ...

    Waarschuwing | 14-11-2022

  3. Leica Biosystems Newcastle, IR 64/22, BOND tm Ready-to-Use Primary Antibody Bcl-6 (LN22)

    Ieica Brosystems Newcastle recently became aware that due to an error, tlîe affected device mentioned above has been assigned an ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  4. Samenwerkingsprotocol gezondheidszorg IGJ en OM 2021

    Samenwerkingsprotocol tussen de Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg en en Jeugd (IGJ) en het Openbaar Ministerie (OM).

    Publicatie | 11-11-2022

  5. 3M Company, 2022-11 FSCA Ranger, Blood Fluid Warming High Flow Sets

    This corrective action has been initiated due to the identification of a manufacturing issue with the auto-venting bubble trap. ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  6. Maquet Critical Care AB, MCC-22-009-NU, Flow

    Under certain conditions, we have identified that the power backup battery might prevent the device from performing as intended. ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  7. Maquet Cardiopulmonary GmbH, 713001, PLS Set

    During internal investigation Maquet Cardiopulmonary GmbH (MCP) has identified that the packaging material (medical paper) of the ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  8. Goodwood Medical Care Ltd., FSCA-2022-001 290001641, Cotton tip applicator Raucotupf

    Our distributor(LR) tested the packaging film for leakage and detected a small amount of +care leakage from the packaging film ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  9. Sysmex Corporation Japan, 794400008, XQ-Series Automated Hematology Analyzer

    During a new installation, Sysmex became aware of the risk of incorrect (false high) WBC results being output to LIS host ...

    Waarschuwing | 11-11-2022

  10. DiaMed GmbH, FSN-FSCA 003-22, IH-500

    We would like to share with you, and your team, information about an issue that could be observed when performing ABO grouping ...

    Waarschuwing | 10-11-2022