FSN Cocune - Stöpler Medical B.V.

This FSN concerns the product items CCN 21-1001, CCN 21-1002, CCN 21-1005, CCN 21-1004 of Cocune washing gloves. Within specific lots mentioned, the existence of the Burkholderia Cepacia had been discovered. The levels of concentration found vary between al lots, but all exceed the acceptable   limits.

Burkholderia Cepacia (BC) is an aerobic gram-negative bacillus found in  various aquatic  environments.  BC is an organism of low virulence and is a frequent colonizer of fluids used in the hospital (eg, irrigation solutions, intravenous fluids). BC rarely causes infection in healthy hosts, but can lead to infection in weak hosts. Furthermore, the stated shelf life on the packages  cannot be guaranteed  anymore.
The most likely cause of this is the preservative used, which has only been used for the lot numbers mentioned in this FSN. This preservative has proved not to be of sufficient quality in order to limit the growth of BC.

Fabrikant: Stöpler Medical B.V.
Product: Cocune

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